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Be your best…

What’s it like when you are at your best? Clarity, purpose, energy, drive and ambition?

That’s my purpose: To help you, your business or organisation to be at their best more of the time. Much more!

Imagine, you and everyone around you giving their best every day?

Just think what you could achieve? Well, you have the resources – it’s possible!

My goal is to unleash your own, your business or organisation’s infinite potential. To create positive change from the inside out. To build personal and organisational capacity to overcome any challenge you may face.


Life and business coaching

From life coaching to personal development and business growth – I work with you to set clear goals and outcomes.   Together, we focus on what’s important to you and how to get to where you want to be.

Yet, we are not all blessed with a clear vision and goals. So I spend time working with you to look at your current situation, the causes, available options and resources – exploring what the effects of change will be.

We consider the possibilities, so you feel comfortable and in control of your journey – whatever you want it to be.

Motivation to achieve your goals, changing business or organisational culture, enhancing productivity, increasing effectiveness, improving your offer and proposition – as well as ensuring return on investment and delivering value for money are all key outcomes. It’s the difference that makes the difference.

Executive leadership coaching

I work with leaders of all types, to improve skills and to think outside the box.

Leadership is key to success – be it achieving your own next step; or winning hearts and minds to take people with you. Communication, emotional intelligence, listening, reflecting, decisiveness and vision are just some of the vital ingredients for effective leadership

Focusing on the inner you, I challenge perceptions and habits that limit your potential. Together, we develop new strategies and unlock hidden resources to be the person you want to be.


Marketing & communications

As an award winning marketing and communications professional, with over 25 years experience, I’ll help you grow your business in the way that’s right for you.

From top level strategic marketing to highly optimised business leveraging campaigns, I deliver marketing solutions that get results.

My key strengths are:

  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Branding and proposition
  • Digital and social media
  • Campaign planning
  • Public relations
  • Media training

It’s about listening to your needs, having a clear focus and then bringing full attention to detail to create positive change in all your marketing and communications activity.

Who me?

As a fully qualified and registered NLP Coach Practitioner, I bring about personal and organisational change.

Working from the ground up, I specialise in business and communication and take great satisfaction in working with people to bring about true transformational and cultural change.

With over 25 years leadership and management experience, my background is as a Senior Manager in marketing and communications. From leading major strategic projects to managing full service corporate marketing and communications, I have a wealth of experience to call upon and share with you.

My speciality is people. Listening, understanding, motivating and empowering people to create positive change in all aspects of life.


They say…

Adele Turner – House of Holden Ltd.

“Truly inspiring and transformational, Stephen has helped me to develop a clear vision and set goals for future growth and success. If Trip Advisor did coaching, Stephen would be five stars and I recommend him to business associates as well as to family and friends alike.”

Steve Brennan – Managing Director Bespoke Internet

“Quite simply, Stephen’s work is outstanding. Stephen is extremely professional and prides himself on attention to detail. It’s hugely empowering and you see things in a whole new way. Certainly I and also my business, have benefited enormously as a result.”

Gary Loftus – The Orange Club UK

“Stephen is changing the world – a person and a business at a time! He unlocks real personal growth and taps into who you are and where you want to be. He literally creates positive change that’s entirely right for you.”